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Once we receive your application, we will email you within 2 business days if you are accepted into the event.  We'll include instructions on how to submit payment to us.  This email will come from *Make sure you pay attention to the email address if you receive an email requesting payment.  There are scammers and this is one way to make sure you don't fall prey to them. 

We've made some changes to the way we receive payments starting in 2022.  We can take payment via any of the following methods:

Check - *there is a $50 processing fee for any returned checks.

Paypal or Venmo - If you don't want to send a check we can accept Paypal or Venmo however, you would have to submit it as Friends and Family because otherwise, we have a fee taken out of it twice before we ever receive it.



Events located at the Putnam County Fairgrounds in Cookeville, TN:

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for any event, you will find the application links on the Upcoming Events page.  Simply click the image of the event and the application will open.


You will also need to submit the photos requested and please be sure to answer all questions so we can help you get a booth in the order we received your application.

Part of your booth fee will pay for advertisement for YOU!

We are inviting food & boutique trucks to this event as well as crafters, artists, and bakers! 

These are indoor & outdoor evens  that will be held in the Putnam County Fairgrounds.  There is free admission for most events.  Occassionally we do a $2 admission for adults and it is all donated to the Veterans Hall.  Children 12 & under get in free. This is typically done at the Pumpkin and Christmas Festivals.


About the Booth Space

Booth space is not guaranteed until payment is processed.  No refunds of booth fees if you cancel due to all proceeds going to advertising and venue fees.

There is not a payment due date.  However, your booth is not guaranteed until we receive payment. Booths are not reserved until payment is submitted.  Booths are filled on a first come first served basis.  So even if your application is accepted, your booth space is not guaranteed until you are paid.   If your application is accepted, you will receive an email with payment information so you can pay by Venmo or Paypal.  When you apply, if you have a special request please make sure you include this in the comments.  We will try to accommodate the request but it is not guaranteed.


All booths must be completely set up at least 10 minutes prior to the gates opening at 10am.  After you've been accepted and paid, you'll receive setup and breakdown details close to the event dates.



1. Is there electricity available in the booth?
Yes, there is electricity available. You will need to provide your own extension cord(s) and/or power strip. 

2. Do we bring our own tables and chairs?
You will need to bring your own tables and chairs. If you have any displays, walls, etc. you will want to bring those when you set up the day before the show.  Keep in mind your entire booth display and items to sell must fit inside the booth space you have paid for.  Each vendor is required to bring all equipment and supplies needed for his or her items. Tables will be expected to be draped with your choice in color based upon your product and business. NO visible trash or boxes.  Grounds must be left in the same condition it was in when you arrived.  No items can be nailed or taped on the walls.  You must have your own displays if you need to accomodate hanging items. This rule is not negotiable.

3. Is there any separation between booths (I.E. Drapes)?
There aren't any separators or walls between booths unless you have an indoor booth in the South grand stand. We mark the spaces out on the ground.

4. Is special parking available for vendors?
Yes.  Parking is free for everyone as well.

5. How early can we come to set up?
We typically do setup on the Friday before events.  We also offer additional set up time on the morning of the event prior to opening.  We'll email you all set up information closer to the event start date.

6. Do our helpers get in free?
Yes, they do.  We will provide an information packet when you show up to sign in and a bracelet will be provided for anyone  working your booth.

7. Will this event be advertised?  The show will be well advertised on the radio, billboards, flyers, and on social media.   Be sure to tell your friends and customers, advertise this on your own sites or social media, and help spread the word!

8. Can we decorate our booth?  Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so!  This only enhances the festive shopping experience for your customers.

10. Will the event be cancelled if it rains or snows? No, this is a rain or shine event so weather will not cause any cancellation. 

Important Vendor Information

11.  What is your refund policy?  We list this on each of our applications.  There are no refunds.  Vendor fees are used for venue fee, advertising, and other event expenses.  If the event coordinators have to reschedule or cancel any event, a booth credit will be given to you to use at any event of your choice.  It will be equal to the amount paid for the original event. 

12.  Are we required to be at the event the full amount of time?  Yes.  Vendors that leave early may not be allowed to return for future events or for the current event if the intention is to return at a later time.  No refund will be issued.  

  • Vendors are required to bring their own tents (if you have an outdoor booth), tables, chairs, and sales equipment.

  • Unless you purchase Frontier city wide wifi, there will not be internet available.  You'll need to use the data from your device if you plan to run credit/debit cards.  Be sure to have your app downloaded prior to the event.

  • Generators are permitted.

  • Only hand-carried restocking may be done during event hours.

  • Vendor are responsible for the cleaning of any debris prior to leaving.

  • Vendors must keep their merchandise within the allotted boundaries of the booth space.

  • If you have an outdoor space - Vendors are not required to use a tent with walls HOWEVER, if there is inclement weather, your items could get wet or blown away.  You are welcome to pack them away and restock the next morning too.  Your items will be protected with walls overnight.  The tent does NOT have to be white and walls aren't required, just suggested for overnight.

  • Vendors should make every effort to make displays attractive and within the theme of the events.

  • Vendors are responsible for their own personal liability and product liability insurance. Southern Accents Market, City of Cookeville, Putnam County Fairgrounds are not responsible for any liability arising out of negligent acts of the vendor or their employees or for any injuries sustained by employees or vendors.



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